P&C Association

Lake Monger Primary School Parents and Citizen’s Association Incorporated (LMPS P&C) is a not-for-profit organisation made up of parents, the School Principal, and citizens that live within the Lake Monger Primary School enrolment area. 

The P&C is open to parents and carers of children attending Lake Monger Primary School and to citizens being over the age of 18 years. It is never too early or late in your child’s time at Lake Monger Primary School to get involved. 

Our Purpose 

The P&C objectives are to promote the interests of Lake Monger Primary School through:

  • Cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community.
  • Assisting in the provision of resources, facilities, and amenities for Lake Monger Primary School
  • Fostering of community interest in educational matters

We achieve our objectives by: 

  • Parent’s payment and contribution towards the P&C Levy and other donations. 
  • Securing funding via government and community grants.
  • Volunteering to run the school canteen, uniform shop, fundraising and events.
  • Hosting community events to raise funds and contribute to the local community. 

These funds and activities provide and pay for equipment and programs that otherwise would not be covered in the School’s budget.

The Committee 

  • President, Sam Lyon
  • Vice President, Laura Hepburn
  • Treasurer, Ray Kuka 
  • Secretary, Laura Chambers 
  • Principal, Diane Tomlinson 
  • Fundraising Coordinator, Ali Hamann-Swain 
  • Communications Coordinator, Paula Kuka 
  • Canteen & Uniform Shop Representative, Pamela van der Meulen 
  • Uniform Shop Representative, Kate Stevens
  • General Members, Dougal Howatt, Ash Longley and Matt Finnigan 
  • Sam Lyon
  • Laura Chambers
  • Paula Kuka
  • Laura Hepburn
  • Diane Tomlinson
  • Ray Kuka 
  • Ali Hamann-Swain 
  • 2021 Fundraising Projects

    Nature Adventure Playground.

    • Nature Adventure Playground.
    • Trees for the Nature Adventure Playground area.

    Upcoming Fundraising Project

    • Upgrade the Kindy/Pre-Primary entrance
    • Play equipment for Kindy/Pre-Primary (Cubby and outdoor kitchen)
    • Plants

    Contact: lakemongerpandc@gmail.com