News from the Principal – 19 October 2021

Welcome to Term 4! We were greeted by the blooming Spring flowers in the Children’s Garden and much to the children’s excitement, a visit by a tortoise on the school oval! The children have returned to school after the break refreshed and very keen which is needed because we have a busy final term ahead that includes swimming lessons (Week 2 of the program), social dance lessons for Kindergarten to Year 6 children commencing in Week 3, the continuation of the musical rehearsals and the commencement of the Thinkers Club at lunchtime on Fridays for selected Years 1 and 2 children.

In the past week the children have really enjoyed catching up with their friends and staff members, sharing their holiday adventures. Engaging teaching and learning programs are well underway with many activities planned for the children. It is planned our new Computer Lab will open in Week 3.

Thank you to our cleaning and gardening staff for all their work in preparing the school for Term 4.


To assist the school with planning for 2022 as accurately as possible, it is really important that parents of any children who are currently in Years PP – 5 and are leaving the school at the conclusion of the 2021 school year please advise the school (in person or by email by Friday 5 November. Thank you to parents that have already attended to this matter.


Ms Pam Duncan is currently on leave and we welcome Mrs Mona Caltabiano to the EALD position.

Commencing Monday 18 October until Friday 26 November, our full complement of pre service teachers will be working alongside their mentor teacher in Year 1 Purple, Year 4/5 and Year 5.


The Department of Education contacted all schools recently in regard to the TV show Squid Game. This is the most streamed Netflix series in Australia. Many children and young people have watched or are aware of the South Korean survival drama. This series is classified as Matured Accompanied (MA15+) and children under 15 should not watch MA15+ material unless they are in the company of a parent or adult.

Children who watch MA15+ content may be exposed to graphic content. As a result, you may see children starting to play their own versions of these games.

We felt it important to share this information with you to raise awareness about this series.


Thank you to Mrs Alexia Caraes for donating two trees to the school and thank you also to Alexia and Mrs Lucy Hopkins for planting the trees.